The customer base corresponds to a smaller city. The range should match a metropolis.


Shopping. Sometimes it’s because you need something special. And you need it now. But almost as often, we shop just because. Either way, shopping is an important part of our lives. For every day, and for celebrations. For the neighbourhood to achieve our vision, we need the perfect blend of shops. Broad offerings are necessary, but not at the expense of slightly narrower and more niche options. You should be able to shop for all your party needs here. From flowers to dessert.
Everyone who lives and works in Karlastaden will naturally want to have access to a broad selection of both retail and services. If you have ideas for how you and your business concept can create a more attractive neighbourhood, then feel free to contact us. The big chains and most common services have already been in touch. But we are still looking for shops that can contribute the savvy and finesse that this area deserves. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or luxurious. What we are looking for is smart and innovative.

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Market hall, café, bar or restaurant? Your choice.


These days, our visits to restaurants, cafés and bars are about so much more than just eating and drinking. It’s a way of life. More and more meals are eaten outside the home, comprising the core of a rich and active social life. It’s a natural way to meet and socialise, without anyone having to host. Or take care of the dishes. The more habitual eating out becomes, the greater the need for a wide selection. Sometimes we want a fine, expensive option. Sometimes we want something quick and cheap. Usually, somewhere in between.
A lively neighbourhood like Karlastaden has to offer it all. Along with an experience that takes us into the future.

As food and shop concepts become increasingly diversified and sophisticated, visual impressions are also gaining importance. We aren’t just talking about graphic profiles, interior decor and signage. Truly being seen at street level requires being allowed to take over the facade and let the attractiveness of the concept radiate far beyond the sidewalk. A wonderful side effect of this approach is a positive variety that contributes to this thriving neighbourhood.

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Smart concepts with clear framing helps both restaurateurs and guests.