Simplify your everyday life directly from home.

Karlastaden Service is a company that will work to simplify life for the residents of Karlastaden. For example, residents will have an app that makes using various services easy.

Freedom of choice with an app

Using an app, Karlastaden residents will have access to enormous freedom of choice, directly from a connected home – whether this means working from home with access to a fast connection, or reserving laundry and cleaning services, a visit to the gym or spa, ordering food from nearby restaurants, reviewing your energy consumption or communicating with your neighbours – all at the click of a button.


To create a thriving neighbourhood and make it easy to get to and from Karlastaden with a minimal environmental burden, residents, workers and visitors will be able to subscribe to mobility as a service, with modes of transport such as a bus card, car sharing services and bicycles. Traditional parking will also be available, but with a smarter parking system that uses space efficiently and eliminates parking fines.

Smart systems

With a focus on creating a sustainable neighbourhood, a smart energy system will enable cooling and heating of parts of the neighbourhood using recycled energy. Even the waste management system is “smart”. Garbage is sorted in different coloured bags, which are thrown down from both the first and 73rd floor, and then automatically split up.

Karlastaden – a “smart neighbourhood”.