The idea for Karlastaden has had municipal support for several years, leading to the municipality permitting plan changes and backing up the project.

Serneke acquired the properties where Karlastaden will be built several years ago.

An architectural design competition for the tower was launched. Serneke announced the competition in consultation with Stadsbyggnadskontoret (Gothenburg’s urban planning office) and Älvstranden Utveckling AB.



The competition continues and in the end, American architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill wins the honour of designing the skyscraper. But their partner enjoys an equally large part of the win – renowned Danish architecture firm Entasis is responsible for designing Karlastaden.

The municipality formally decides on a plan change, and to make the planning work a prioritized project.

Serneke acquires the Zinken Weland property and signs an agreement to acquire the Kratos property from Älvstranden Utveckling AB.



Serneke acquires another property, Lindholmen 1:13, and sells development rights in Karlastaden to Hemsö and the Robert Dickson Foundation.



NREP acquires 50% of the shares in Karlastaden’s project company.



Heavy construction on Karlatornet begins in June. 58 piles will be cast to hold the tower in place, which requires extreme methods of drilling into the rock.

This unique project is launched, involving experts from all over the world. Detailed plans enter into force and a building permission application is submitted.



Continued work on bored piles for Karlatornet. Tower construction begins, starting with the basement and garage, naturally.

Demolition begins in order to prepare space for the Cassiopeja, Aries, Capella and pavilion blocks. A small section of northern Karlavagnsgatan is closed off in conjunction with the demolition work.

In late 2018, foundation construction begins for the Callisto, Lynx and Virgo blocks and Serneke aquires NREPs shares.



Construction of the Callisto, Lynx and Virgo blocks will begin. In late 2019, demolition will begin so that the Auriga block can get underway, as well as construction of the Capella block.

Continued construction of Karlatornet.

Sales of homes in the Lynx block will begin.



Construction of the Auriga and Capella blocks. Continued construction of the Callisto, Lynx and Virgo blocks. Construction of Karlatornet continues.



First part of Karlastaden will be ready in time for summer and Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary. First up will be Karlatornet and the Callisto, Lynx, Virgo and Capella blocks.



Construction begins of the Cassiopeja, Aries, Auriga and pavilion blocks.



The Auriga block will be complete in early 2023; this tower will have 36 stories, 30 of which contain housing. The lower stories will house a preschool, office spaces, cultural centre, and shops and restaurants.

Continued construction of the Cassiopeja, Aries and pavilion blocks.



The Aries and pavilion blocks will be complete in early 2024. The Aries block will be a mixed-use property with a total of 12 floors, 9 with housing and 3 with office spaces. Shops and restaurants will be on the ground floor, and probably also a grocery store. The pavilion will have a market hall with a public rooftop garden.

Last out will be the Cassiopeja block, a 43-floor tower with housing and potentially office spaces. Shops and restaurants on the ground floor.

Welcome to Karlastaden.