Living in Karlastaden will be unique in many ways. Karlastaden has everything you need right around the corner. All throughout, there will be shops at street level, offices above and housing at the top. Another unique element of Karlastaden will be the vibrant street life between the buildings in the entire neighbourhood, spaces that will be effervescent with life, exciting shop concepts and activities, round the clock.


Karlastaden has no opening hours. Life never stops happening here.

Karlastaden offers soft transitions between everything from offices and culture to shops and entertainment. If you aren’t in the mood to cook, choose from a wide selection of restaurants; buy freshly baked bread on Sunday mornings, or shop for your weekday essentials or a party.

In this walking city, most of the parking is underground. But Karlastaden offers several lovely surprises, like rooftops with green terraces, a pavilion with a market hall and public rooftop garden, and wonderful playgrounds for kids of all ages.

In other words, it won’t just be a great place to live; it will also be a popular destination, both day and night.

A place for creativity in all shapes.

A vibrant neighbourhood with a natural place for culture

Life isn’t just about where you live, eat, shop and work. Large areas of Karlastaden are planned to be multifunctional, and will be perfect for events and activities of various types. We therefore believe culture will also have a natural place here. Just what shape this will take has yet to be determined, but we are interested in exciting ideas and suggestions. We’ve got the spaces and audience; all that remains is creating exciting content with the right partners.

It is hard to create culture, but you can build so that culture is created.