Welcome to Gothenburg’s new city centre – Karlastaden

Karlastaden is to be developed in the Gothenburg district of Lindholmen, to the north of Lindholmsallén and parallel to Karlavagnsgatan. Gothenburg city centre is just ten minutes away by public transport. Karlastaden will be a mixed-use city where life goes on 24/7.

Facts about Karlastaden

Overall, we are planning for around 2,000 residential units varying in size, price category and form of tenure. These will include condominiums, tenancies, student apartments and housing for the elderly. In addition to apartments, there will be a generous helping of offices and commercial premises with restaurants and shops. The plan also includes a school, preschool and services in the form of e.g. a medical centre, dental surgery and pharmacy. In total, an impressive 270,000 square metres are due to be developed, of which 70,000 square metres will be devoted to commercial premises, the remainder being residential units.

Karlastaden will be an innovative city centre – you can see that from a long way off

Karlastaden will be an attractive, condensed mixed-use city, crowned by a skyscraper, Karlatornet, rising 245 metres into the air directly above. This is because sometimes the really smart option is simply to build high and close up.

It is people who create attractive areas. People visiting restaurants and cafes create a basis for shops and services. Despite the fact that Scandinavians are meant to be somewhat reserved, we are actually very happy in a crowd close to other people. It is then that spontaneous encounters occur, ideas are born and a sense of community and well-being is generated. If people are happy, they will stay. And if they stay, you have created a flourishing city district.

Read and see more about the vision for Karlastaden HERE

What we cannot fit on the ground, we put on the roofs

From a distance, Karlastaden’s tall buildings may look impressive. But if you look closer, you will see that they are also welcoming and carefully designed. So, for instance, traditional courtyard settings are replaced or complemented by roof terraces and outdoor squares on different levels, providing safe areas for children to play. Some roofs have space for vegetation, park settings and recreation, while others can be laid out as sports or play areas. The roof terraces of some buildings will be open to the public, while others will be designated for the people who live or work there. In keeping with the idea of a modern city district based on sustainability, everyone is welcome.

It takes time to build a completely new city district and occupancy will proceed in several stages. First to be occupied will be the high-rise Karlatornet, with residents expected to start moving in during 2021. Our ambition is that the entire area will be finished a few years later.


Do you want to find out more about Karlastaden as a whole?
Just e-mail info@karlastaden.se

Interested in living here?
At the moment there are apartments for sale in Karlatornet – read more at karlatornet.se
For apartments in the other buildings to come, e-mail info@karlastaden.se

Interested in leasing commercial premises here? 
Contact Fredrik Karlsson. Tel: +46 (0) 31-712 97 02.